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09:54, 19 May 2003

Last night began badly. Marc picked me up with this new French-Canadian LLM student named Marie-Josee. Piyush had told me about her a few days ago, that she was "really cool." Needless to say, the idea that some "really cool" girl with a sexy French accent was partying with my boyfriend who never gives me any clue about his feelings sparked irrational jealousy in my stupid head. So I wasn't exactly feeling too positive when I met her.

She was pretty. And tall. And yes, the sexy French accent was in full effect. Sweeeeet. I was on two superstrength diet pills and still not in a good mood. I popped another, knowing it was probably not a good idea. But fuck. So I tried to psych myself positive, thinking friendly thoughts: here was a potential friend for next year, she'd heard about me, identified as Piyush's girlfriend, from Piyush and co., she seemed into Marc, etc. I tried to convince myself she was not a threat. I also felt overdressed as I was in a hot club outfit and she and Marc were in more casual bar-wear.

We got to Piyush's and he greeted me with the boyfriend kiss, the ownership kiss. I felt better--until I realised his mother and aunt were there. Fuuuuuuuuck! I didn't know I was meeting his mother tonight! I was extremely not mentally prepared for this scenario. Especially since I would not have been wearing the short skirt, strappy sandals and flimsy top that I was wearing had I known that I was meeting his conservative Indian mother.

All went well, however: we went out, I didn't get too drunk, his brother confessed all his secret fears and longings to me... I pulled Piyush into the bathroom at one point because I just couldn't wait to kiss him any longer. M.J., the French-Canadian girl, is awesome, by the way. A new friend that makes next year less of an unbearable tragedy of lonliness.

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