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04:19, 27 July 2003

"Dude, that chick is so weird."

That is what I heard when I left, tonight. That is not the kind of thing that makes me feel comfortable with humanity, OK? Because the people that said the above quote are my peers, my neighbors. And what did they say, these guys? Guys that should, supposedly, be succumbing to my charms?

"Dude, that chick is so weird."

Oh, God. I shall never leave my apartment again. Seriously, I am wounded. I am, apparently, weird; I thought I came across as cool. Apparently not. Hmm. Good to know. Good to hate myself more. Always handy.

Runty Jew

20:17, 26 July 2003

What a perfectly lovely Saturday I have had today. I promised I would "get some shit done" and that I did. I promised I would exercise away last night's transgressions and... well... I tried.

Working out made me feel great today. I even went running after my lifting routine and I was actually not loathing it the entire time, which is highly uncharacteristic. I've been adding running back into my workouts because I really want to become a runner and it has always killed me that I find running so horrid and excruciating. One of my little life wishes is that I could prepare for and run a charity race, like a 5K or a 10K. I know that I can run a 5K right now, but I want to prepare for the race--make it a goal that I work toward and the acheivement of which is the fruition of steady dedication and improvement. Running today made me feel like I could do it. But wait, don't get too excited. Today I ran for 15 minutes, which is such a piddling little run as to count for nearly nothing. So no "Chariots of Fire" music yet, folks.

Tonight I'm going out with Rob again. Not because he's so irresistably dashing or charming or effusive with his cash, but rather because I have no other plans tonight and he has a party in the Hills he wants to go to. I hate weekend nights like this one, when somehow everyone deserts me, as if my social life were a rug that just got yanked out from underneath me. Lee-Ann is going up to Alhambra tonight. Limes went to San Diego. Angie hasn't called me back in months, literally. Since they're all I've got, tonight I've got nothing. Thank God for Rob, because seriously, what would I do otherwise?

Rob is taking me to a party in the Hills. It's a symbiotic excursion, isn't it? He, self-described "runty Jew", gets to take a tall, hot blonde chick (excuse my brief step into objectivity) to this party and impress everyone. I, on the other hand, get to party for free all night and have the opportunity to meet new people at the party. Maybe even hot, young Y-chromosome carriers!

Small World

09:58, 26 July 2003

My day just got exponentially better, on account of my stumbling into the solution to the problems with my printer. Funny how such a small thing can make me so much happier--it's not like I had any pressing urge to print something this morning, it's just that one little irritant has been removed from my life. Yay.

Rob, by the way, was an anticlimax... the mystery was more intriguing than the man, who was a short, early-30s Jewish guy. I found it strange that he mentioned being Jewish at least three times. He'd say, somewhat apologetically: "Yeah, well, you know how we Jews..." as if he wanted to beat me to whatever disparaging stereotype he was sure was on my mind. We had an interesting time, anyway, just because he's a journalist and I was a journalism major and we, small-worldishly, went to the same journalism school and had the same adviser. Weird. Anyway, so the evening turned out well, as I'll keep him in my address book as a contact in the journalism world. Always good to keep doors open, n'est pas?

Today, though. Today. I'm going to get some shit done today. Well, we hope.

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